Our customer portfolio ranges from large and small companies to international organizations and local business ventures. Here are a few testimonials:

- HMK Bilcon, quote Peter Erlangsen, Chairman Board and CEO:
"Casper Nygaard Christensen has a strong understanding of the clients’ overall strategy, objectives, opportunities and needs. He is very professional and able to contribute positively on both a strategic and operational level. TRACK Management would be a great asset to any company seeking to hire qualified people, expand or optimize their business. I have successfully used TRACK Management for Recruitment and Interim Management"
- RelationshusetGekko, quote Sara Trier, Contact Manager:
"Casper Nygaard Christensen has many years of experience - both in terms of recruiting, and importantly enough as a high-level Director as well. It shows when the assignments are performed with speed, integrity and great business sense and it means something to the process and the result that it is people who have been in higher management positions themselves. I can only provide TRACK Management with my warmest recommendation and I will certainly use the company again when I have a recruitment and/or career counseling need"

- Unicef Denmark, quote Gitte Jeppesen, Director of Marketing and Fundraising: